We are an international tattoo flash and artwork Distribution Company established in April of 2003 by award winning artists Henning Jørgensen from Denmark and Mike Rubendall from the USA. It was a concept recognized through years of traveling for a high demand and low availability for exclusive flash and artwork from the leading tattoo artists in the industry.

But back in 1999 a chance meeting with Jay Foran owner of Alpha Reprographics is how we were able to produce the best quality flash and prints found anywhere. 

The story goes something like this...

Mike and Henning stopped into Alpha after trying to find a printer that could make them a banner for the NYC Tattoo Convention. Usually that's not a problem, until they told Jay that they needed it the next morning. Jay knew if he had the job done he would be getting a couple of new customers. Little did he know he would really be gaining two great friends.

Soon after that first banner was printed, Mike and Henning began heading to Alpha on a regular basis. They would come in and get  open edition flash sets as well as high quality Giclée prints done before every convention or show they went to. At these shows they noticed a lack of quality and availability in the prints the other artists had.

Then in 2003 Mike and Henning concived the idea of Tattoo Elite International.

Fortunately we have had a unique opportunity to form a company consisting of artwork from some of our closest friends as well as many of the top tattooers in the world. All artists have achieved international status and are responsible for bringing tattooing to the next level.

Then in 2009 it just made sense to partner with Jay and keep everything under one roof. But then in early 2012 Jay approached Mike and Henning to see if they had any interest in selling there shares of the company to him. And after a few months of negotiating the deal was done.  

With the utmost pride and sincerity we present to you the all new Tattoo Elite International.com

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